Booking: Bookings have to be submitted well in advance and will only be confirmed on condition the required deposit has been received.

Services: Asgard Apartment is a self-catering establishment. Room service is offered on a weekly basis.

Payment: If your booking is accepted (not confirmed), a deposit of 50% is due and the balance on arrival. Reservation made less than 7 days prior to arrival are payable in full. Bank charges are at the guests expense.

Pets: No pets are permitted on the premises without prior approval.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in Apartments.

Cancellation Fee: Should a Guest give notice of cancellation less than 30, less than 14 or 7 days, a cancellation fee of 25, 50 or 100% will apply respectively.

Indemnity: An indemnity must be signed and witnessed by each guest, his friends and family.

Insurance: Insurance cover for property and liability is limited to the premises and in terms of the insurance policy. The security of your property is your responsibility.

Risk: Entry to the premises of Asgard and the use of amenities, appliances and the pool is entirely at your own risk. Asgard cannot be held liable for children on the premises.

Jurisdiction: The Law of the RSA and the English version always applies. Other services such as car rentals & activity providers are subject to the agreement entered into with them and yourself.

Notice: Changes can be made by Asgard without notice or refund or claims.

Prices: Prices can be changed without prior notice.

Information: Asgard provides the information on this website for the purpose of legitimate trade. Asgard provides the information "as is" and is neither liable nor responsible for any errors or omissions, nor for any consequences arising from the intended or unintended use of the information or services/products displayed. Information and images are copyright, trademark, and patent protected. No unauthorised copying, reproducing, downloading, or other transmission is permitted.

Availability: While Asgard makes every attempt to ensure service delivery to our customers, we are also dependent upon the availability and order processing of our service providers, and make no guarantees that all offers made on our site will be available or that enquiries will always be processed in the specified time. Asgard reserves the right to make alternative arrangement if deemed necessary.

Guarantees: Asgard are under no obligation to honour any liability or guarantee for its services nor those rendered by other parties. Asgard will only refund in terms of its cancellation and refund policy herein.

Privacy: Asgard will never sell or give away any personal information that you submit and will only use your information to keep you informed of the services that we offer.

Right of refusal: At our discretion, Asgard reserve the right to refuse to accept or execute any enquiry or service and to cancel any service if we feel circumstances dictate. Asgard will not render any services until payment has been received.

Refunds: Refunds are at the discretion of Asgard and final. Compensation for premature departures will not be entertained.

Damages: Breakages and losses (keys) are payable at cost of replacement.

Liability: Asgard Apartments is not liable in any way for any of it's associates, subcontractors and/or Links referred to on this website.